Skin Abrasion (Dermabrasion)

Dermabrazyon / Kemobrazyon/ Laserbrazyon


Chemical peels and other skin treatments have been used for many years to treat various skin diseases. Sun spots, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation can be treated with this technique. There are many different methods and applications of skin peeling and skin treatment. In some cases, chemical peeling can be combined with other operations. The chemical peeling method is not an alternative method to skin tightening. In physical abrasion, layers are removed from the skin surface to obtain a rough surface like emery style or similar instruments. A laser beam can also be used for the abrasion process.

A certain part of the skin thickness is removed in layers. This area is covered with a mask, which will be removed after a day or two. As a result of the leakage from this area, a crust layer is formed. This crust disappears by itself within a few weeks during the healing process.
Patients can return to their daily lives in 1-2 weeks, to their jobs in 2-4 weeks.. Redness may appear to worsen for the first 3-6 months, but this is normal. It may take 9 months to 1 year for it to fully recover and fade.
Chemical peeling or other skin treatments do not prevent wrinkles that will occur in the future.

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