Genital Aesthetics (Labiaplasty)

The fact that the small lips of the female genital organ are too far ahead of the large lips is a situation that can create problems both in terms of appearance and in terms of hygiene. The aim here is to remove the long part of the small lips and to close the remaining tissue properly. Reduction of the labia minora is an operation performed to remove the excess skin in the vaginal opening of the female genital organ. Sometimes large labia minora can cause pain during sexual intercourse or adversely affect clothing.
Some may find this view disturbing. At the end of the healing process, it is aimed that people will be more comfortable in terms of clothing and not have any problems during sexual intercourse.

After the procedure, edema, tension and tenderness occur in the first 48 hours at the surgery site. To prevent this, it may be necessary to apply cold, wash the area with warm water and use antiseptic solutions. Usually, starting from the 3rd day, the tension in the operating area begins to decrease, the movements get easier. After the 1st week, daily life activities can continue. It is not recommended to have sexual intercourse before the 3rd week.

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