Prominent Ear Treatment - Otoplasty

The ear's distance from the skull base and angles within itself may vary. The fact that the folds of the ear are protruding and far away from the skull base is called a prominent ear. This condition, which does not cause any medical problems, may lead to psychological trauma, especially in childhood. Prominent ear surgery is performed to reshape the ear. Ear development is largely completed around six years of age, so correction is done, especially after this age. Another reason for performing these surgeries as of age six is to keep the child away from psychological trauma, especially during primary school age. However, if you consult a doctor at a later age, there is no obstacle to the surgery.

There is a wide range of surgical techniques to correct the innate prominent ears. The surgery is usually performed through an incision behind the ear. The cartilage is shaped to adjust the angle and distance between the skull base and ear.

Sleeping on the ear is not recommended for the first week after the procedure. Starting in the second week, the patient can sleep with a soft pillow. A head band will prevent the ear from twisting continues to be worn at night for two weeks.

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