Thigh (Femur) Lift

Depending on the age and previous births in women, excess fat and prolapse can be seen on the inner thighs. While the treatment of excess fat can be done with liposuction, a surgical procedure called “thigh lift” is applied in advanced cases.
Especially in fat tissue accumulations where there is no sagging, the liposuction procedure performed by entering from the groin, together with the use of a corset for about 6 weeks, leads to very satisfactory results.
In cases where sagging is present, the skin and under-skin fat tissue is removed with an incision made in the groin area, the inner surface of the thigh is pulled upwards and the excess part is removed, and a line-shaped scar is formed in the groin area, which  remains beneath the underwear. Thanks to the applied stretching process, the piles in the inner thigh are eliminated, and a smooth calf appearance emerges. At the same time, age-related cellulite appearances are also improved.

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